Mrs. Sexton

Grade 7 Room 16 Homeroom

ELA - All grade 7

Religion - Room 16, Room 17

Responsorial Psalm : "Lord every nation on earth will adore you!"

January Prayer Intention suggested by Pope Francis

Evangelization: Young People and the Example of Mary - That young people follow the example of Mary and respond to the call of the Lord to communicate the joy of the Gospel to the world.


Please read the thank you note regarding our Veteran cards.

May the peace of the Christ Child be with each of you during this holy season of joy and love!

Thank you for the wonderful breakfast for the children - they certainly spent some quality time in friendship today.

Thank you also for your prayers, generosity and wonderful gifts! Blessings! Mrs. Sexton and Mr. Rotondo

Grade 7

Welcome back!

TEST FOLDERS are coming home Wednesday, January 9th. Please check Option C to determine if your student needs to submit any assignments or take any assessments.

Classroom request . . .

Please send in a box of tissues if possible. We were quite low when we left for the holiday break, and I am sure some sniffles will be returning.

Students will be sent outside at lunch recess when possible - please help your child to make a good choice and dress for the weather.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 11 - E-A-G-L-E-S-!!!!!

Free Eagles/green dress down day for all!

EARLY DISMISSALS - We have had many students leaving early for appointments. Please understand that our day continues until 2:50. While I certainly understand that there are some specialists that do not have later appointments, please try to schedule appointments later in the day. It is also a disruption to the Office area as we are trying to get students dismissed. Thank you for understanding. Students who come to school the next day can not use the excuse "I left early" for missed assignments. I post all homework online.

Enjoy the weekend, remember to pray and meet Jesus in the Eucharist!

Mrs. K. Sexton

Reminder about absence notes:

Please remember that an absence note must be sent in when your child returns to school. The call to the Office does not replace this requirement. An absence due to illness requires a doctor's note after 3 days.

Thank you for the sacrifices that you make and the generous support that you give to SPN. May God bless your families with peace and joy!

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