Business Education

Annemarie Stoeckel, Supervisor

(908) 754-4620 Ext. 8234

The Business Education Department realizes that technological developments and the rapid pace of changes in our society have significant implications for business education. These implications include the importance of career education. We offer organized experiences that enable students to acquire the skills needed for employment. These experiences will give students the opportunity to obtain knowledge in areas related to these skills, and provide an opportunity for the student to acquire the attitudes and work habits needed for success in employment. These experiences cannot be restricted to goals of job entry skills. They are the basis for growth in skills and knowledge of employment or additional career education.

Two new courses have been added to the High School Business Department for the fall of 2018: Entrepreneurship and International Business. In Entrepreneurship, students will learn what is involved to start and operate a successful business. International Business will help students develop an understanding regarding the global marketplace and how businesses throughout the world interact with each other. In addition, we have updated our AP Computer Science A course through Project Lead the Way (PLTW). This course is equivalent to a first-semester, college-level course in computer science.

Courses in the Business Department satisfy the graduation requirement for 21st Century Life & Careers/Career Technology Education.