March Madness at SCE


Tony Keefer (@tonykeefer) and Scott Jones (@escott818) are fifth grade teachers in Central Ohio. In 2015, they decided to take their classroom versions of March Book Madness to the rest of the world. Now students, classrooms and libraries from as close as down the hall to as far away as Kuala Lumpur participate in March Book Madness. This is our version of March Madness.


March Book Madness is an online bracket-style tournament that matches books in one-on-one "games." The games will be decided by a simple vote on a Google Form. You can have students vote individually or you can have a class vote. After each round of voting the bracket will be updated and the next round of voting will begin.


We begin with March Book Madness 2019, when we unveil the books during the week of March 4 - 8. Check the different categories to see which 16 books will be in each bracket. Voting will start on March 14th, 2019 and the next round will be introduced on March 15th. Note: Voting for each round will be in one week cycles. Each cycle will start on a Friday and end on a Thursday.

​The one week voting cycles will still be in place and the overall champions will be decided near the date of the NCAA Basketball finals. The overall winner will be announced on March 29, right before Spring Break. All of the books featured in March Madness are available on this site. The picture books include audio so our younger students can enjoy every book. The books are read by our SCE teachers. See if you can figure out who is reading each one of the Picture books.

March 4 - 13- Books/procedures introduced

March 14-Round One Votes

March 15-Winners Announced, Round Two Begins

March 21-Round Two Votes

March 22-Winners Announced, Round Three Begins

March 28-Round Three Votes

March 29-Winner Announced: Picture Book of the Year revealed


All of the voting and brackets will be located here on this website. The Picture Book Bracket will be featured on the wall outside of the Literacy Room and the Graphic Novels bracket will be featured in the Media Center.


Why not? It’s a great way to learn about some new and exciting books.