Kodály Music Educators

of South Carolina

Who Was Kodály?

Zoltán Kodály (1882-1967) was a Hungarian philosopher, composer, ethnomusicologist, and music education pedagogue who developed the Kodály method. The driving force behind much of his career was his desire to improve the music education of the children of Hungary through the use of their folk music. He spent many years collecting field recordings with Béla Bartók, in hopes of ultimately preserving Hungarian culture.

What is the Kodály Method?

The Kodály method uses game play, cooperative learning, creative movement, composition, and improvisation to engage students in a joyful way as they deep dive into carefully scaffolded curriculum. Apart from instilling a love and appreciation for music to all students, a Kodály-based curriculum seeks to provide students with opportunities to experience the beauty of music. Additionally, it serves to promote students' efficacy and ability to express their musical ideas to the world.