South Tawton Parish Council

What we do

Welcome to the website of South Tawton Parish Council! South Tawton parish is nestled to the north of Dartmoor and contains the settlements of South Zeal, South Tawton and Taw Green. Notable features of our parish are Cawsand (or Cosdon!) Beacon which offers splendid far-reaching views of the whole area and Shelley Pool, a beautiful wild swimming pool.

On this website you can find information about the parish councillors and other official representatives of the parish, all financial information from the last few years, details of our meetings and all up to date news about the parish.

In 2017, the Parish Council set up a Village Emergency Telephone System (VETS ) to provide help prior to the emergency services arriving - after calling 999, you can call 01837 500999 for help from a volunteer. We also put together a very successful Walks in South Zeal and South Tawton map which can be found on the Footpaths section of this website. We are currently working with the Rural Services Network to promote the Priority Services Register, where those who are elderly and vulnerable can sign up for extra protection in the event of a power cut or disruption to services.

Our current projects include installing a night landing site for the Air Ambulance Trust. We have raised £2400 out of a required £2918.82. If you would like to donate or fundraise then please contact the clerk or any councillor.


There is currently a vacancy on the Parish Council. Please see the poster opposite for more details, or visit our Council Vacancies page. On that page you can find details of our co-option procedure, an application form and some information about the role of councillor. If you would like any further information, then please contact the clerk on or 01837 53570.

Statement Regarding TRO Proposal

The Parish Council is very grateful to everyone who took the time to respond to the consultation regarding parking restrictions. The Council is aware that there is a lot of discussion around the results and Council’s decision to recommend the revised TRO proposal to Devon County Council. This was not an easy decision to make but the following bullet points are the factors that were taken into consideration by the Council:

· The consultation was intended to inform Council’s decision by providing an idea of how the parish felt about the proposal and was not intended as a direct vote.

· The overall result showed 82 not in favour of the parking restrictions and 80 in favour of the restrictions. This is clearly a very close result (50.6% not in favour and 49.4% in favour).

· However, results from residents living in the affected areas showed 52 in favour and 46 not in favour. Council felt that this demonstrated a clear preference (53% in favour and 47% not in favour) amongst those residents who would be most affected by the restrictions.

· The public safety concerns previously raised by the emergency services and parishioners were also a significant factor.

· Council notes that respondents to the consultation are very appreciative of the issues involved however Council has taken expert advice from traffic technicians at Devon County Council regarding possible solutions and believes that this proposal is the best option available. The FAQ on Council’s website provides more information about different options that have been considered.

· Council formed a South Tawton Parish Council Car Park Working Group in January 2018 to put together a feasibility study regarding additional car parking in the village which will report back later this year. The Parish Council should not progress with a project of this size without fully investigating the implications.

The Parish Council has recommended the revised TRO Proposal to Devon County Council, which is the limit of the Parish Council’s involvement. The decision on whether or not to implement the proposal will now be taken by the West Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee. Council has continued to recommend that implementation of the lines is delayed until October 2018. We recommend that any further comment on this topic is directed towards Devon County Council.

The Parish Council has taken advice and is confident that the meeting held on 19th February was properly convened and conducted. Minutes of the Parish Council are intended as a record of decisions taken by Council, and comments from the public should not be included.

Councillor White, Vice-Chairman of the Council

Emergency Plan

We are currently seeking volunteers to help put together the Emergency Plan for the community. Please see the poster for more details, or look at the Emergency Plan section of our website, where you can find the area map referred to.

The Clerk

The clerk is an impartial employee of the Council, working just 8 hours a week. She carries out work as directed by the Parish Council. The Council is very concerned to see some of the unpleasant communication directed towards the clerk and requests that all parishioners communicate with the clerk in a way that is civil, tasteful and relevant. All employees have the right to be treated with respect in the workplace.