Frequently ASked Questions


Q: Is this the Amherst Police Department?

A: No.  If you are looking to reach the Amherst Police Department please call them at (440) 988-2625

Q: Do you know how much my fine will be?

A: We do not know the amount for any fine, but you can call the court at 440-775-1751. Be ready with the citation number (red number in the top right corner) and the offense (i.e. speeding, seat belt etc) as the clerk will likely ask you for these things.

Q: I found a dog, can you come and get it?

A: We do not have a place to hold stray dogs (or cats). You may contact the Lorain County Dog Warden at the Lorain County Dog Kennel at (440) 326-5995. You may also contact Erie Shores Humane Society: Shannon - 440-610-0307.  The Lorain County Auditor's office has a Dog license search page that may be able to assist you.

Q: What can you do about my neighbor's dog barking or running loose?

A: We must witness the dog barking or running loose. If you have a complaint, call while the action is in progress, not after the dog has been tied up or has stopped barking.

Q: Do you know if ________has a warrant?

A: We cannot give out that information to anyone other than the person who believes they have the warrant. In order for us to check on a warrant, that person needs to come to the station and bring a photo ID with them.

Q: What do I do if a police officer turns on his lights and siren to stop me?

A: You should immediately pull to the edge of the roadway and place your vehicle in park. Always remain inside your vehicle unless instructed to exit your vehicle. It is very important that you place your hands in plain view of the officer; this is to ensure the safety of our officers and the citizens that we have contacted. This is a very stressful incident for both the citizen and the officer and we will do everything possible to get you back on your way.

Q: What can I do about speeding in my neighborhood?

A: The South Amherst Police Department invites requests for traffic enforcement, especially in residential areas. Simply email or call the non-emergency telephone number 440-986-8118 and report the problem. Once a complaint is received, officers are notified and assigned to monitor speeds in the affected area.

Q: When I call 911 for emergency assistance, who answers the phone?

A: Lorain County 911 receives all 911 phone calls (from land-line telephones). Once the type of emergency is determined it is transferred to the appropriate agency, i.e., Fire or EMS.

Q: How can I assist the police or other emergency response units locating my residence quickly?

A: Have your address displayed in a location easily observed from the street. An address displayed by the front door near or by an outside light (or reflective lettering) makes it easier for responding personnel to locate the address in day and night conditions. Also, during an emergency have someone stand by the street if possible to flag down the responding personnel and to provide additional information.

Q: If my driver's license is expired, how long do I have to renew it?

A: You have 6 months to renew your license before you have to re-take the driving test in the State of Ohio. However, there is no grace period for driving on an expired license. Your driver's license expires every 4 years on your birthday.  Visit the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles for more information regarding licensing and registering your vehicles.