4. Growth

Thursday, 12/13

  1. HW Review:
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  3. Activity: Final Review Slides

HW: Prepare for Final Exam (Parts I and III)

4.1 - Cell Cycle

#1. What are you curious about?

Topic 4 Spark .mp4

#3. Click here.

#4. Cell Cycle

4.2 - Mitosis

#5. Mitosis Sequencing Activity (add to your folder)

#6. Cell Cycle and Mitosis.

4.3 - Cancer Respiration

#7. After reflecting on what we have learned thus far about cancer treatments, and assuming unlimited resources, develop your own comprehensive cancer treatment idea. Click here to share for details on your submission. (groups of 2-3).

Cancer Cells .mp4

#8. Cancer Respiration

#9. Karyotype Notes and Activity. (extra space)