1. Life

Students will be able to apply knowledge of:

  • Experimental Design.
  • Characteristics of Living Things.
  • Evolution by Natural Selection.

1. Question

    • What are you curious about?

2. Explore

    1. Notes: Experimental Design
    2. Lab: Betta Splenden Agonistic Behavior. Click here for slides.

3. Lesson

    1. Reflect: List all of the characteristics that make your Betta Splenden "alive". Click here to share.
    2. Notes: Characteristics of Living Things.

4. Apply

    1. Reflect: Which scenario below represents Evolution by Natural Selection? Explain.
    2. Notes: Evolution by Natural Selection

5. Extend

    • Notes: Evolution by Natural Selection (5 Levels of Difficulty). Click here to submit.
    • Lab: Evolution Simulation. Click here for slides.