Meet Your Inner Leader Workshop

Workshop Alert: Meet Your Inner Leader

Date and Time: Tuesday, March 6, 2018 from 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Location: Centre for Social Innovation 215 Spadina Avenue - (Spadina and Queen) on the 4th floor

What if you could access your authentic leadership at any point in time?

The first time I experienced my inner leader was in a hotel training room with 25 people I've never met before. When I met this person or leader, it moved me to tears because I realized how little I was using my leadership to navigate my life. This is partly due to the fact that I never really thought of myself as a leader until I became more aware of it. My inner leader is composed of wisdom and strength, a risk taker, and someone who is courageous. So who is yours?

Join me for a workshop experience and finally MEET your inner leader. Everyone has a leader within, and it's up to you to access this inner resource to help you navigate life's challenges, lessons, and wins. In this two-hour workshop, you will experience what your internal leader sounds like and discover what makes it unique.

Who should come?

- People who are itching to make significant changes in their lives

- Humans who feel like they can't move forward to achieve the things they want in their lives because there is no other way or "choices"

- Those who are afraid, worried, and anxious because they don't know the "how" to get to where they want to be

- Humans who genuinely want to do big things in this world and would like some tools to support them

- People who are comfortable sharing stories about themselves and feel good about being seen

What does this workshop include?

- Complete a simple assessment to help you become aware of what is getting in the way of your leadership

- Guided instruction to help you meet your inner leader

- Learn a new model of leadership and how you can apply this to your life

- Listen to your peers share their stories of authentic leadership to relate to your learning and growth

- Rewrite your story from this day forward

- Prepare to leave feeling energized and ready to take on your next big task or decision with new and inspiring leadership!!!

Sonia Grossi is a facilitator, trainer, and coach who has a passion for developing and transforming people in the areas of personal and professional development. She brings experience from working in various public and private sectors and industries in the areas of technology, multinational sports, Ontario Universities, healthcare, and more. An experienced facilitator who thrives on helping people and teams become high performers, develop their leadership, and form new perspectives of the world around them.

Sonia is known for her unique delivery style which is fun, inspired, and opens a safe space for everyone to learn new concepts and skills and feel supported in their roles to excel. She believes that everyone has the potential to be great leaders and experience fulfillment on their terms.

Sonia holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resources Management from Ryerson University, a Certificate in Instructing Adults from George Brown College and is a Co-Active trained Coach.

Sonia Grossi, Founder of Free Your Expectations Coaching & Leadership who is on a mission to teach and coach people like you to get the results they want out of their lives.