Team 102 University

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What is Team102U?

Team 102 University was created to teach the skills necessary to build a competition robot. Classes cover topics in all of the main build subteam areas like Mechanical, Electrical, and Programing, as well as in areas like project management, leadership, competition, and more.

What Virtual 102 University Looks Like:

Due to the restrictions in place as a result of Covid-19, the team will be hosting our classes virtually. This website contains videos created by your mentors that make up courses covering a variety of topics. The courses will also contain activities for you to complete in order to practice the skills you will be learning. After you have watched all the videos and completed all of the activities for a course, you should sign up to attend a virtual follow-up session. During these sessions, you will join a Google Meet with the mentor that taught your course and review the activities and answer any questions you may have about the content. It is important and expected that you have completed the course activities before the virtual session and bring them with you to discuss. After the virtual session, your mentor will give you instructions for completing the final assessment activity so you can verify that you have meet the course objectives. All of the courses are designed to be directly in line with the qualification system the team is launching this year and completed courses in 102 University will satisfy requirements towards earning these qualifications.

Getting Help:

As you progress through a course, you may encounter times where you need help. In this situation you have a number of ways to get assistance. First, you can wait until the virtual Follow-Up Session. You may have questions that other students have not yet considered and discussing them during this session could be beneficial to everyone on the call. However, if the questions or problems you are facing is holding you back from progressing through the course, you are encouraged to reach out to the mentor via Slack. They would be more then happy to steer you in the right direction.