Academic & Career Planning

Somerset School District

At Somerset School District...

Academic and Career Planning, or ACP, is a student-driven, adult-supported process in which all 6th through 12th grade students create and cultivate their own unique and information-based visions for post secondary success in order to help bridge our students with their passions and pathways.

These personalized visions are developed through self-exploration, career exploration, academic planning and the development of career management and planning skills.

More information about the PI 26 legislation can be found here.

Our history with ACP:

Students began Academic and Career Planning in the Fall of 2016 with the roll out of Career Cruising Portfolio Software.

A team of teachers, counselors and administration have been working together to analyze data and create a plan of action since the fall of the 2015-2016 school year. This team has been participating in trainings on Career Cruising, district data analysis and process mapping and are continuing to build and improve the ACP plan. More information on the Advisory Team - including contact information - can be found here.