SMS Track

4G - Growth Mindset

Goodness, Guts and Glory

Goodness- Being a good teammate: encouraging, inspiring, including.

Guts - Having the courage to try new things, race and practice confidence.

Glory - With goodness, guts and grit comes glory: improvement and celebrating meeting goals.

Growth Mindset - Knowing that improvement (glory) comes from hard work and having the courage (guts) to work hard for it with care and kindness (goodness) for others.


Mask Policy for 2021 Track and Field

  • We will continue to follow the district policy of requiring masks for all situations where we cannot maintain social distancing.

    • That would include team meetings, warm-ups in the gym and any instructional time where athletes are in close proximity to each other.

    • Athletes will be able to go mask less when running or performing strenuous outside activities.

    • We will also follow any additional expectations each meet might have regarding the mask policy.

      • Those expectations will be communicated with the athletes and parents.

    • Thank you for your understanding.