Somers Elementary School

September 2021

Dear SES Parents & Guardians,

This summer, SES teachers were hard at work creating grade-level curriculum term guides. The guides include student learning statements for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Social Emotional Learning and Specials. Combined with periodic updates provided by your child’s classroom teacher, we hope that these guides will help you continue the learning conversations at home.

We hope the information on this website is helpful to you. Please check back often as we are still adding content.

Your Partners in Education,

Melissa Mucci, Principal

Mike McDonnell, Assistant Principal

Click on the links below for term guides by grade level

Please note, the learning statements are guides and teachers may need to adjust expectations slightly as they are continually assessing student learning which can result in skill reinforcement and/or extra time on concepts.

Click on the links below to view sample report cards for each grade level

*Some report card language adapted from Suffield Public Schools

Standards-based Report Cards and Special Education

Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEP) must be provided with the same opportunities to receive grades in relation to expectations for grade level standards; this is a civil right. Since special education students are a heterogeneous group with various disabilities that impact learning, some may not achieve certain grade-level standards without special services and support. For students with accommodations, the content of the standard remains the same but the method of learning and demonstrating mastery of a standard may be adjusted.

Modifications on the other hand, can mean changing the standard itself, identifying standards that are fundamentally related but also developmentally appropriate. The Planning and Placement Team (PPT) make decisions regarding what content areas, if any, require modifications of the grade level standards. These may be changes made to student achievements and should result in grades that communicate clear, interpretable information to parents and students when applicable.

For students with an IEP, a progress report is provided that identifies how students are performing on appropriately challenging learning tasks as outlined in the goals and objections of their IEP.

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