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What's new with Sciptura:

We are Now Accepting submissions for our Year-End Edition until May 9th 2024

Please submit your poetry, short stories, photography, or artwork to the attached Google Form or send it to or Ms. Collins or Ms. Rock.

About Scriptura:

Scriptura has been a club at Somers High School since 2000 and we’ve made the transition online. We meet on Thursday at 2:30 - 3:30 in Ms. Collins' Room to review the poetry, short stories, and artwork submitted that week. Sadly, Fanfiction is not allowed due to copyright issues. Anyone who wishes to attend is welcome to join in our discussions and grab a bite of whatever delicious snack we have that week and partake in our legendary inside jokes.

All of our submissions come from students at Somers High School and you don’t have to be a member to have your fantastic work published. We read all submissions like they are anonymous but often celebrate publicly if it gets in. If you would like to submit artwork or writing, click here for details. You don’t even have to come to meetings to submit your work, we love to read great work from members and nonmembers.

We publish our magazine when we have enough submissions. The more submissions we get, the more often we can publish. So submit your work! If you’re really nervous about having others see what you’ve made, don’t be! All work is judged anonymously and if you really don’t want to have your name published in our issue, we can list your work anonymously as well. Our club can also make suggestions to help you become even better writers and artists. So why not submit? Leave an impact on the school, share your gifts with the universe, and enjoy the magazine.