Snowflake Unified School District Testing Resources

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Overview: This site gives parents information on what tests your child will be taking, why these tests are important for our schools, how you can help your child study, good test taking strategies, how you can help your child be ready on testing day, and when your child will be taking tests.

*Important note: Don't forget to take a look at the practice tests found under the "how can I help my child study section)

What Tests Do our Students Take?

The AZM2 (formerly AZMERIT)

•All Arizona students in grades 3 through 8 and grade 10 take the AZM2 test

•The AZM2 tests a students ability in Reading Writing and Math

•The AZM2 shows how our students compare to other students of the same grade level across the state

AIMS Science

•The AIMS Science shows a students ability in science

•The Aims Science test is taken by students in 4th grade, 8th grade, and High School Biology students

•This test also compares students across the state.


•The AZELLA is only taken by students who speak English as a second language and who have not yet tested proficient in English

•The AZELLA shows us a students progress learning English

•This test is taken every year until a student tests proficient in English

•Once a student tests proficient they continue to get EL (English Learner) help for two years but no longer take the AZELLA

Quarterly Benchmarks

•The Benchmark Tests are district wide assessments

•These tests are taken by students of the same grade level across the district

•They test Reading, Writing, and Math

•They tell us how well students have learned the quarterly standards and help students prepare for the AZMERIT test

•Students take benchmark toward the end of each quarter.

•These tests help us to monitor student growth throughout the year

AR Tests

•AR tests are used in 1st through 8th grade

•Students take AR tests every time they finish reading a book

•They test how well the students are understanding what they read

When Will Your Child Be Testing?

Below is our district testing schedule for the 2018-2019 school year. This gives information for the AZMERIT, the AIMS Science, and the AZELLA. Th

Why is Testing Important?

•All of these tests give the schools important information on how well our students are doing

•They help us to know the specific areas where our students need help

•Knowing where students need help allows us to focus on these specific areas so that we can help our students to be more successful

How can I help My Child Study

(Practice Test Links)

The Following links will take you to practice tests that your child can do from home at any time. These practice tests have been made available by the Arizona Department of Education

Test Taking Tips

• Read the questions twice

–Students should carefully read the question twice to make sure that they understand what the questions is asking

•Always read the question first

–If a student must read a paragraph and answer the questions, they should read the questions and then read the paragraph

• Use the process of elimination

–Read through all of the answers and decide which answers it cannot be, then choose the best answer out of the answers remaining

• Flag questions

–Many of these computerized tests have the ability to flag questions. If a test taker is unsure of an answer they should make their best guess, flag the question and then move on. If there is time at the end they can then go back to the flagged questions and double check their answers

• Relax

–If test takers are stressed or feel like they are starting to rush they need to STOP! take a deep breath, count to ten, and then go back and do their best

How Can You Help Your Child Be Ready On Testng Day?

•Make sure that they are at school on those days

•Make sure that your students go to bed early on those days

•Make sure that they eat a good breakfast before they come to school

•Make sure they get to school on time

•Don't pull students out of school early on testing days (the section they were working on will be locked and they will be unable to complete it)

•Talk to your students about how important it is that they try their best