Lobo Auditorium

Welcome to the official Lobo Auditorium Website. Here you will find information about the facitilities, rental and use, and upcoming events.

*Due to high volume demands placed on the auditorium by the district, there will be NO "out-of district" use of the auditorium during the month of May.

*No "out-of-district" use of the auditorium will be scheduled during school hours (7:30am-3:30 PM). The auditorium is a scheduled classroom for students on Snowflake High School campus during the school day.

Facitilities Use Form (pdf)

*Technical and Custodial Fees are not negotiable.

2016 Snowflake Auditorium Packet.pdf

Farrel Green - Technical Director/Manager

Dave Godfrey - Assistant Director

Tech/Crew - Snowflake High School Students