At-Home Learning


Dear Students and Parents,

Snook ISD would like to make the transition to at-home learning as seamless as possible. Student schedules, assignments, and learning activities should be very similar to what is being done in the classroom. There may be a few exceptions depending on the courses students are enrolled in. Below is a checklist for those transitioning to at-home learning. If you have questions, please call the school so that we can address any questions you have.

  • For at-home learning, your child will need to have reliable internet access. 3 Mbps may be needed to view video content. Not sure of your internet download speed? Visit If not, WIFI at Snook ISD is available in the school parking lot. If you have limited WIFI and are interested in instructions for offline Google Classroom options, please call Snook ISD. Hotspots are not available at this time.

  • For at-home learning, your child will need to have a laptop with a working mic/camera for word processing and video conferencing. Would your family be able to provide a laptop for your student? If not, please call Snook ISD to request a laptop/chromebook. You will need to update contact information (if you have not completed online registration) and complete a technology check-out form. If you are receiving a school-provided machine, you will need to confirm that you are able to login.

  • Login in to your school G-mail account. (Call the school if you are unable to login.)

  • Launch Google Classroom. Join classes. (Call the school if you are missing a class.)

  • Students enrolled in Athletics will have a PE class in Google Classroom.

  • Students enrolled in certain agriculture classes or Bryan CTEC courses may have alternative projects for short-term at-home learning. Students electing to do at-home learning for the long-term, will not be enrolled in these classes due to equipment and facility availability.

  • Here is a link to Mrs. Weise's page addressing frequently asked questions. She has Google Classroom Join Codes listed on her page.

  • If you call with questions, be sure to let them know what concern you would like addressed:

        • Gmail/Google Account

        • Google Classroom

        • Attendance

        • General Questions

  • Snook ISD is required to collect attendance for at-home learners for each day and each class. This is done in Google Classroom. Once a student has entered a class, the student clicks the Classwork tab and the Attendance Form should be listed at the top of the classwork list.

Snook ISD - 979.272.8307