SKILLED events range from custom education sessions to community events. Including:

With Career Presentations, S. M. Wilson professionals cover topics including career paths, education/training experience, general interests and talents that relate to specific careers and more.

The Follow the Build program consists of recurring construction site tours followed by classroom discussions with members of the construction team. Students will be provided appropriate protective equipment and safely tour the active construction site under the guidance of the S. M. Wilson project leaders.

Build & Tell consists of construction equipment and technology demonstrations.

STEAM Projects allow students to work either individually or as a group to create a building design, engineer and construct a structure and test their construction while solving a designated challenge.

Using Community Celebrations, the SKILLED program celebrates construction through art installations, tours, groundbreakings, beam raising, ribbon cuttings and more.

Presentations can be customized to meet District expectations and student interests.

SKILLED is a great way to introduce young minds to all that the construction industry has to offer. From big trucks and earth movers to 3D imaging and augmented reality there is a ton to learn and explore.

We can create customized videos for your needs. Check out this one created for Ladue Middle School's Advisory Class: