Parent Volunteers

Parent volunteers are most welcome; check the areas below for opportunities and contact the sponsor teacher for further information.


We are hopeful that a few parents might step up to lead this area of our show. THere are two teacher sponsors who will liaise with parents in this area of the show.

We are also looking for volunteers to work in the area of costume production. We need helpers for design, sewing and procurement of costumes from around the city.

Please contact Dariol Haydock if you can help with this important area of Seussical.


Jennifer Poole (

Theatre Move-In / Move-Out:

Dariol Haydock

Hair and Makeup:

Do you have experience with styling hair, make-up application, or face-paint? We are looking for volunteers to help us in this area.

Riley Doland (

Set Construction:

Zyoji Jackson (

Would you and your child like to help out in the area of set building? We are interested in mother/daughter/father/son/grandparent combinations of any variety. Time commitment can be small or large-depending on your preference.

Set Painting:

Devon Bottomley (

Come help plan, implement and paint the sets for the Seussical production. Be a part of the production from behind the scenes! Student and parent volunteers are welcome every Day 3 and 9 from 3:15-4:15pm (except for Monday's) starting in December."