Customer Service:

Monday - Thursday 7am - 4pm 

Friday 7am - 2pm 


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Our weekly slaughter schedule for each species is: 

Tuesday - All hogs and some cattle 

Wednesday - Cattle 

Thursday - Cattle and Bison 


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Customer Service hours are as follows: 

Monday - Thursday 7am - 4pm 

Friday 7am - 2pm 

Note: If you are unable to pick up your order during business hours, please contact us for alternative solutions.



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Livestock Receiving hours are:

 Tuesday's slaughter - Monday from 1pm - 9pm 

Wednesday's slaughter - Tuesday from 1pm - 9pm 

Thursday's slaughter - Wednesday from 1pm to 9pm for Cattle; and NOON Thursday for Bison 

We can accommodate receiving livestock at other times if unforeseen circumstances dictate. It is important that you call and receive authorization from us before you do so. 

Our livestock pens are locked at all times and require plant personnel assistance to unload. For safety and insurance reasons, please do not unload livestock without assistance from plant personnel.

NOTE: In the event of a livestock related emergency

please call: 717-725-9751. 


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Product that is left in our facility past 10 business days after notification will be charged $70 per pallet for the first month, and $35 per pallet each additional month. Other fees will apply each time the pallet is accessed. 

If, upon pickup, any portion of the order remains here, storage fees apply immediately.

 Storage statements will be sent out monthly. 

Fees are due upon receipt of invoice and/or at pickup. Late charges will apply to invoices 30 days past due. 


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Payment for services is expected at pickup.

Payment options include cash, personal or business check,             Visa, Mastercard or Discover cards (3% additional charge)

Customers with returned checks will be charged $20.

Finished product should be picked up within 14 days of notification that it is ready.