Homeroom 5A

Important dates for students

  • TERRA NOVA TESTING -- Friday 3/16 through Friday 3/23. Be well rested and have a healthy breakfast and bring #2 pencils. We will also be serving a light morning breakfast at school Mon-Fri, March 19-23. Students in 5A may bring gum, hard candy, or mints to eat quietly during Terra Nova testing.
  • Please let me know that you saw your child's report card...Thank you!
  • Trimester III started Monday, March 5th. I can't believe it. Already!
  • Reading Olympics competition - Wednesday, March 21.
  • ELA poetry terms
  • Social Studies test on Canada --> Wednesday, March 28

5A held their own Olympics Brain Games. Homeroom Mom, Mrs. Dwyer hosted the event activities, puzzles, trinkets, and healthy brain food.

Thanks Mrs. Dwyer!!! It was a great success.

5A Classroom