Mr. Grutkowski (our room dad) sends out weekly reminder emails on Sunday evenings. If you have not received these emails, please touch base with him (email below) just to make sure we have your correct information.

Our room dad this year is Chris Grutkowski. His email is

In order to volunteer in the classroom and attend field trips, you must be SHIELD certified. Please contact Brenda Bell with any questions.

Specials Schedule:

  • Monday - Music & Spanish
  • Tuesday - Math Enrichment & PE
  • Wednesday - ART & PE
  • Thursday - Mass & Technology
  • Friday - Spanish


Please note the new dismissal procedures and be patient. The changes have been made with your children's safety in mind. Along those lines, I ask that you keep me informed if there are any changes to your child's normal day. If they are leaving early, please sign them out in the office. If they are going home with another person, please send a note or an email.

What Students Should Have Daily:

1. A reusable water bottle, filled ONLY with water, labeled with your child's name.

2. A simple, healthy, no-mess snack. This should be packed separately from their lunch.

3. Lunches. Because hot lunches are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, no OUTSIDE lunches may be sent in.

4. All homework, books and materials necessary for their day.