Middle School social studies & Spanish

Mr. Jensen's 2021-2022 School Supply List:

Social Studies & Spanish Required Supplies:

  • One 2-inch binder (to be shared by Social Studies, Spanish, and Religion)

  • Dividers

  • An inexpensive Spanish language dictionary. These can sometimes be found at the dollar store or Wal Mart/Target.

  • Paper to make book covers: stretchy fabric book covers won’t be allowed as they destroy book bindings. Brown paper grocery bags work great for this.

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Welcome to middle school social studies & Spanish at Saint Mary's Institute!

We have an exciting Social Studies curriculum that begins in the 6th grade with the study of many of the most important civilizations from world history.

Students will learn about human history from the dawn of the hunter-gatherers, to the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece, and Rome. The 6th grade wraps up with medieval Europe, the Renaissance, and the Age of Exploration.

We then focus on American history in the 7th and 8th grades by picking up the historical narrative with the 1492 arrival of Columbus in the New World. During this two-year sequence of study, students will gain a deeper understanding of the 13 Colonies, the Revolutionary War, our system of government, the Civil War era, and on to more recent events.

In the course of all of these studies we will adhere to New York State standards and curriculum content. In so doing, our students will explore a variety of historical themes and topics while continuing to develop essential life skills such as reading, writing, researching, interpreting maps & graphs, and putting current events into perspective.

Our Spanish curriculum begins in the 6th grade and closely follows established New York State foreign language content guidelines. It is designed to introduce students to the strategies and skills necessary for successfully learning a foreign language in a fun and interactive way.