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The requirements found in the SMCSC Operation Plan will be implemented in all buildings

SMCSC Weekly COVID-19 Data

Updated 5/31/22

Free COVID-19 Rapid Testing for SMCSC Staff and Students

While supplies last, SMCSC schools have free home rapid tests available for students and staff members and their families. Please contact your school for more information.

SMCSC COVID Operation Plan

As we conduct in-person instruction it would be irresponsible not to recognize the need for increased attention to be paid to the health and safety of our school community. The district has developed an operation plan based on guidance from the CDC, Indiana Department of Education, and the Indiana and Madison County Health Departments.

The complete district re-entry plan can be found here: SMCSC COVID Operation Plan (Updated 3/3/22)

The individual schools have developed and implemented specific procedures that comply with our district operation plan.