Dress Code

St. Mary’s County Public Schools STUDENT DRESS CODE

Standards for appropriate attire and accessories shall include the following:

Clothing and Accessories in General

  • Students must wear clothing that covers certain body parts. Clothes must be worn in such a way that the chest, midriff, pelvic/groin area, and buttocks are covered with opaque material.

  • Clothing displaying or suggesting profanity; sexual activity through graphic images, words, or innuendos; weapons; drugs/alcohol or drug paraphernalia; violence; or tobacco products may not be worn, visible, or displayed.

  • Clothing with identifiable gang/crew representation or paraphernalia may not be worn, visible, or displayed.

  • Symbols or messages generally accepted to promote intolerance, hate, racial slurs (for example Confederate flag, swastika, Ku Klux Klan or KKK) may not be worn, visible, or displayed.

  • Head coverings may only be worn indoors so long as the student’s face is visible and it does not interfere with instruction or student safety.

  • Shoes must be worn that are safe for all activities.

  • Official St. Mary's County Public Schools’ athletic uniforms may be allowed at the discretion of the coach and school administrator.

  • Student dress for school-sponsored activities must be in compliance with the Student Dress Code.

It is recognized that age and maturity may be considered in determining the appropriateness of a student’s attire. Appropriateness will be determined by the school principal/designee.