What is Schoology?

pronounced (skoo-luh-jee)

Schoology is an online platform that is a one-stop-shop for communication, instruction and resources within SMCPS. This site is designed to help students & their grown-ups become comfortable with Schoology and other online resources heavily used for instruction within SMCPS classrooms.

Please take time to review the resources on this home page and then use the navigational tabs at the top for additional resources!

Welcome to Schoology SMCPS Students and Parents/Guardians
Welcome Information for SMCPS Students

Schoology is the Learning Management System being used by SMCPS.

Schoology provides students with personalized learning experiences. It allows students to keep resources and school materials available to access online, at any time. It also provides students with the opportunity to engage in their classes no matter where their learning is taking place.

For students in grades 6 - 12, Schoology is used as the teacher's gradebook and will be the one stop shop to access assignments and content being taught within the classroom. Each teacher will use Schoology to a different degree depending on their content and grade level.

Please reach out to your student's teachers to see how Schoology will be used as a tool in their classroom(s) during the current school year.

Schoology introduction and overview from the Schoology website.