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Elementary School Students

Welcome to the SMCPS Elementary Student Hub for Mental Health and Wellness Resources!!!

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Mental Health Matters

What is mental health? Every person has Mental Health just like they have Physical Health! Listen and watch the video below to learn more!

Our Mental Health is all about our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, and our moods!!

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Feelings Exploration for Elementary Students


Use this room to help you understand the different emotions we have. Listen to books, watch videos, and learn all you can. Come back and try a different book or video each week.

YOU Matter. Your Mental Health Matters!

Try some of the activities below to explore your feelings!!


Watch the movie "Inside Out" to the left. Then, do the fund activity below to learn more about your mental health.

A BIG Feeling you may have felt before is ANGER. Let's explore it below . . .

Have you ever been mad? Do you know what anger is? Do you want to learn about how to control your anger? Take a look at the videos below to help learn!

Things that make me feel Angry!!

Why do we get ANGRY?

The 5 steps to managing ANGER

Watch this video to learn how to manage your anger!

Now that we have learned a little about anger . . . Let's learn about another BIG feeling called Worry!!

Be a Worry Warrior: Stomp Out Your Worry.

Take a look around and learn ways to stomp out your worry with your mind and body!

Click on the video to the left to listen to a story about worry. Ruby finds a worry and learns how to help get rid of a worry!

Did you know that there are other things you can do to manage your worry??? Look below for some ideas!!

Learn about managing worry by watching the above video and doing the fun activities on the worksheet to the left.

If you worry too much and need help, contact your school counselor or a trusted adult for help!

Sometimes, feelings can be confusing and hard to control. Let's look at when worry becomes a big emotion called anxiety!

Did you know that depression, sadness, and other emotions and feelings are part of your mental health? Let's look at when the emotion of Sad turns to Depression

When worry and sadness become BIG there are things we can do to help. Look below for some ideas!

Depression Awareness and Support is important right now. What is Depression? Take a look at this flyer and video.

What is Depression.pdf
sadness spot printable.pdf

Now that you know what depression is let's learn some coping tools to help you calm your sadness.

Do the activity on the left and watch the video below for how to help with sadness and depression.

Remember . . . if you need more help talk to your parent, a teacher or trusted adult, and/or your school counselor!

Calming the body can help when emotions get too BIG!! Check out one way to calm the body below.

Belly Breathing

Steps to Belly Breathing

Let's watch and learn all about Belly Breathing!

Need other ideas? Use the Calming Room below to explore more ways to calm.

Find what helps you!

Calming Room

Calming Strategy - Take a Break

Use this room to find what helps you relax!

Be the Pond Exercise

Watch this video to learn tips to calm your brain!

Which face below shows how you feel right now?





Good job on learning about some of the different feelings we have. If you need more help, talk to your parent, a teacher or trusted adult, and/or your school counselor!