The St. Mary's Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Do research on campus with a faculty mentor

Communicate your research to a cross-disciplinary audience

Participate in professional development activities

Thanks to support from the offices of the President, Academic Affairs, and the St. Mary’s Foundation, St. Mary’s is offering the St. Mary’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship program this summer (2017). SURF is an eight-week program in which students, mentored by a faculty member, engage in scholarly or creative work.

SURF is open to students in any year and in any discipline who will have completed coursework necessary to prepare them for their project. Students in the program must work full-time on their project and attend weekly group meetings, during which they will report on their progress, discuss the scholarship of their discipline, learn about their peers’ work, and participate in professional development workshops. Students present their work at the SURF Symposium at the conclusion of the program, and potentially to the wider community during the following academic year.

Explore our website for details on the application process, upcoming information sessions, some history on past SURF projects, and some impressive scholarly work as a direct result of participation.

Information session for Summer 2017 applicants:

Thursday February 9th, 4:15 pm

Blackistone Room, Anne Arundel Hall

Have other questions? Email the program co-directors (Drs. Liz Leininger, Katie Gantz, and Christine Wooley) at