Awards, Bursaries & Scholarships Guide


This is an exciting time as you prepare to move into a new chapter of your life and pursue post-secondary education. These decisions are important for your future and there are many options to consider.

Whether you choose college, university, apprenticeship or another method of training, there are many costs involved. Tuition, textbooks, living expenses, food, etc., are all things you might need to pay for. Most students don't have enough money to pay for post-secondary education themselves. Financial assistance can reduce stress associated with expenses.

This site will provide you with many options to finance your education. This is not an inclusive list of all the scholarships and bursaries available, but rather a guide to help in your search for financial aid. Always refer online for the most up-to-date information and deadlines.

All awards on this site are arranged by category and include a description, deadline, value, and website to help you narrow down your search.

Many awards go unclaimed every year because no one applies for them. Don't be afraid to submit your application - you won't know unless you try!