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Virtual Health and Wellbeing Room 

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The greatest health 

The Santa Maria-Bonita School district is committed to the health and wellness of our educational community and that starts with the staff.  What we model ourselves touches the lives of students, families, and ourselves. 
Our world is changing and we are in uncharted territory with  unknowns.  With this brings an array of thoughts, emotions, and actions and wherever you are you are valued!  Regardless of where you are, depending on the day...Don't forget to breathe.This Virtual Health and Wellbeing room is a place for staff, students, and families  to find tools and strategies for managing emotions and feelings and building our resilience as we propel into the future .We are here to support you!

Disclaimer: This site has been developed for  educational purposes and is not intended to replace medical advice, interventions, or treatment from qualified professionals. As with any health program, please consult a qualified professional to determine your personal needs and safety before starting any program.  If you are in need of immediate help  you should seek the consultation of a  mental health or medical professional. For acute emergencies call 911 immediately or  visit your nearest emergency room. 

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