John Muir middle School Library

a space to connect, discover, and imagine

Mr. Patrone

Teacher Librarian 


Ms. Charis




The library is open every day before school (8:00-8:20), after school (until 3:15), and at break and lunch. 

You may check out two books at a time. Graphic novels and Manga can be checked out for one week. All other books can be checked out for two weeks.

If you can't find a book in the catalog (see 'search for a book' in the menu above), try Sora which can be accessed through your Clever account.    

3D Printing Instructions

Creating Your 3D Model (do this on your own)
1) GotoTinkercad.com or Thingyverse.com
2) Use your school ID to create an account
3) Find a pre-made model or create your own
4) Save and download your model as an .stl file
5) Email your .stl file to muirlibrary@slusd.us
6) Ms. Charis will email you back with a time you can come in to print!

Once you’re in the lab (Ms. Charis will help you with this part)
7) On the 3D Desktop, open Print Studio and Import file (blue plus sign) 8) Choose ‘Scale to Fit’
9) Follow path (‘auto repair’ as needed)
10) Rename file and save back onto jump drive
11) Make sure there is enough filament loaded (should be at least 1” deep) 12)Prepare printer with blue tape and glue.
13)Print! (most models take between 1-5 hours to print)