Finally an interactive Gantt for Google Spreadsheets!

A Project Management tool for Google Spreadsheet

Everyone uses spreadsheets to track projects but updating the information is often complicated, even more if you are used to do it in other specific project management tools.

With SlickGantt you can visualize your project in a gantt form and interact with it!

You update the gantt, the gantt updates the spreadsheet for you

Update your tasks simply dragging them across the chart. Update the percentage of a task completion directly from the chart.

All the updates will be pushed back into your spreadsheet that will stay your "source of truth"

Tasks dependencies

If your tasks are related, you can add dependencies: this will help you even more when you need to update the timeline but don't want to have to keep track manually of the relations .

Main tasks, Sub-tasks

Not every task is born equal. You can classify a task as "main" task and and all the other subtasks will inherit the same color. You won't mix up the tasks anymore!


Assign a resource (or more) to your tasks. SlickGantt will automatically create an Avatar that you can personalize to resemble your colleagues and friends! Who said that project management has to be boring?