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Welcome to the Skyridge Parent Teacher Club!  

Our mission is to foster a sense of community within our school, and to raise funds for the many vital programs at Skyridge. Check out the exciting programs and events we have planned for this year under the "Programs & Events" tab.

All are welcome, we are looking forward to collaborating & working to make Skyridge a better place for our kids.


and community

We stand for all the parents and teachers, and welcome every parent and teacher to help us stand.


100% of your donation goes to Skyridge's facilities, operations, materials, events, programs and clubs. To find out more and help us prioritize where your donatin goes, we welcome you to join in on one of our quarterly meetings. No registration is required. The Skyridge Parent Teacher Club is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. 


Wins happen everyday, and we like to celebrate them from the first day of school to the last! 

Skyridge and AUSD work to bring our successes and causes for celebration to the forefront of our School Communnity. Even during this pandemic, we are planning ways to boost morale for all!

PlanNiNG for the FUTURE

Ever wonder who writes the plan for the school's priorities in learning and budgeting? Well... WE do!!!

Next time we have an LCAP meeting, we hope you join us in making decisions with AUSD to ensure the next few years of learning are bright. Skyridge had the largest presence and we hope to keep it up!