“Anxiety isn’t weakness.

Living with it,

turning up and doing stuff

with anxiety

takes a strength

most will never know.”

- Matt Haig

Are anxious thoughts dominating your life? Do you feel anxious, on-edge, or down much of the time? Do you find it difficult to engage in basic life activities such as working, caring for family, interacting with others, or even leaving home? Are physical symptoms of anxiety and stress affecting your quality of life?

I am passionate about counseling individuals who are suffering from anxiety, because I have struggled with anxiety in various forms and intensities throughout my life. I know how overwhelming and debilitating anxiety can be. But I also know that there is absolute hope for finding peace of mind and joy in life again, and I want to help individuals reduce suffering and improve their quality of life! Anxiety can come in many forms, and it can be a slightly different experience for each person. No matter what anxiety looks like for you, I believe there is hope! And I will work with you to help you reduce your unpleasant symptoms and increase your feeling of well-being. I have experience working with children, young adults, and adults to help them on their path to recovery.

Some types of anxiety include:

Generalized anxiety- heightened level of anxiety in general

Health anxiety- anxiety about one’s health

Social anxiety- anxiety related to interacting with others

Anxiety about physical symptoms/experience

Panic/Panic attacks

Agoraphobia- anxiety about leaving home/safe space

Separation anxiety- anxiety when separated from particular person

Existential anxiety- anxiety about existence, meaning