The Great Broad Rock

Read Aloud

Mitten Tree.mp4

The Mitten Tree

Read by Mrs. Couture

Araboolies of Liberty Street

Read By Mrs. Huff

Araboolies of Liberty Street.MOV
Click Clack Moo.mp4

Click Clack Moo

Read By Mrs. McGuire

The Princess and The Pizza

Read by Mrs. Goldstein

The Princess and the Pizza

The Kissing Hand

Read by Ms. Weeks

My Brother Martin

Read by Ms. Collins and Ms. Wildman

R. Ford.mp4

A Hero Named Howie

Read by Mrs. Ford

It's A Book

read by Mrs. Hardman


The Dandelion Seed

Read by Ms. Field


Walter the Farting Dog

Part 1

Read by Mrs. McGuire


Walter the Farting Dog

Part 2

Read by Mrs. McGuire


What Does It Mean To Be Present

read by Ms. Christina


The Magician's Hat

read by Mrs. Pezzullo

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We Don't Eat Our Classmates

read by Dr. Borden

Martin's Big

My Brother Martin

read by Jen Collins and Robin Wildman

The Legend of Rock, Paper and Scissors

read by Jen DeFeo