Metals and Basic Engineering

Skillway's courses in metalwork and basic engineering introduce students to different types of metals and how these can be used. Training is given in understanding and applying basic engineering drawings, dimensions and quantities. Tutors provide hands-on instruction in the care and usage of machine and hand tools, and continually emphasise procedures for ensuring safe application. Students are provided with instruction in working with different metals and in using different methods and fixings, including welding. They are also encouraged to produce their own pieces of work.

Skillway's courses in practical engine mechanics provide students with a general and basic understanding of how engines work. Tutors provide instruction in the layout of different components of a small Honda engine, how to strip and rebuild. Skillway offers a short session with brief strip-down/build and run as the objective or a more detailed course over several weeks going into more depth regarding applications, variations and associated components. The course gets students fully involved in step-by-step practical work with hands- on instruction and information as they work through the 4-stroke engine.

These courses lead on to the maintenance and repair of our own Go Karts, with a day out in the summer term to personally test drive them. Do look at the video on our Photos and Videos page.