Clearly Skillway it is an excellent charity, the facilities there are fantastic but what really struck me was the human quality of the teachers and support staff and the emphasis they place on their mentorship program with their students; similar to the way we do with our students in Colombia. It is reassuring to know that such youngsters who may feel devalued and disenfranchised by conventional schooling and academia have such outlets, where they have the opportunity to learn manual skills and crafts with people who genuinely have their best interests at heart. I left by saying that we are all behind [one of the students] and want him to do the best he can, and also that he should not be afraid of trying for fear of failure, since we learn so much more from our mistakes than our successes and they prepare us for big obstacles in life. Dan Eley,following a visit to the Workshops

"I like coming to Skillway because you are taught lots of skills, it's practical and there is hardly any written work. Skillway will help me because I get everything I need to know to start work. Skillway gives me experience, knowledge, creativity and patience." Louis, Knowl Hill School

Rodborough’s vision is to Inspire, Challenge & Lead young people in to a better future. Skillway is an integral part of the package that we offer.Skillway provides practical learning opportunities which inspires some of our most vulnerable students to keep on learning in a supportive way. Young people are supported to challenge themselves, pushing their own limits to develop new skills. Many of our past students have gone on to apprenticeships and to lead their own businesses and this would not have been possible without the help, support and guidance from Skillway and its committed and highly skilled personnel.

Miss Judith Spencer Assistant Headteacher DSL/Line manager for SEND & NAS Cullum Centre Rodborough School

"I attended Skillway for two years, my final was in the Masterclass group. I really enjoyed Skillway because it was something new for me and it was an opportunity to do something different. I like practical learning and all the skills are 'hands on' and linked to tradesmen's work. I also enjoyed working with other like-minded students. Skillway has helped me because it has given me the confidence to go to college with some basic skills and to know my career path. If you like making things then Skillway is for you. "Sam, former student, 2010 winner of the Crispin Hill Progress Award

George Abbot has always had a great relationship with Skillway. The staff are dedicated, professional and experts in what they do. They develop skills for young people beyond the practical to further enhance their life skills and character. Students enhance their communication and leadership skills, develop a new respect for others and make genuinely positive relationships with staff there. They learn to take pride in achievements and bring this optimism back into the classroom. As an external provider Skillway is regarding extremely highly by the school. We have sent some of our most vulnerable and challenging students in the confidence that Skillway offers the best possible environment to learn practical skills and develop personally in an nurturing environment.

Rob Giles Assistant Headteacher (Student Development) Designated Safeguarding Lead George Abbot School, Guildfordi

"I've been attending Skillway now for some weeks and I've found it really enjoyable and exciting. Also I've found the staff easy to understand and work with. They've taught me new skills that I thought I would never know, they have also helped me with different techniques and ways of getting the best out of what you do. I've always felt welcome coming to Skillway and that everyone looks out for each other and they work together well." Tom, Rodborough School