Big Data In Astronomy

7 - 11 August 2017

BAriSta: A Potential Tool For Social Innovation

Flic en Flac - Mauritius


The results of social innovation are around us and are becoming more and more important. We are submerged by a tsunami of Big Data and data driven innovation. Big Data have been put into practice to help solve social problems. However, small emerging countries in this field are always struggling.

Big Data in Astronomy: A Potential Tool For Social Innovation (BAriSta) is Joint Exchange Development Initiative (JEDI) resident type workshop aiming to contribute towards the Human Capacity Development. The workshop focuses on the education and civil society sectors in the discussion of social innovation.

We look at novel methods for educating University learners about Big Data in Astronomy through an innovative pedagogical Education and Public Outreach (EPO) and how they can apply their skills to help society.

The workshop is open to undergraduates, graduate students and early researchers. Priority target will be for participants from: Mauritius, SKA Africa partner countries and the rest of the world. The workshop will welcome international tutors to share their knowledge and expertise with the participants in the field of Big Data, Machine Learning and Astronomy.

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