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Chant, contemporary, solid hymns lo-fi. We will keep adding good stuff as we find it for your listening pleasure!

Matt Maher

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Taylor Tripodi

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As part of its mission to help Catholics understand, live, and share their faith, the Augustine Institute encourages individuals and families to think about and prepare for death.

To aid Catholics with practical elements like end-of-life medical care, funerals, legal documents, grief, and similar topics, features 60+ videos of experts answering common questions, from “Are ghosts real?” to “How do I grieve a miscarriage?” and more.

On his page, you can search a wide variety of topics about the faith. Bishop Robert Barron and his team are well versed in theology, philosophy, and history. The approach is direct and helpful in explaining the faith with conviction and power.

With Dr. Scott Hahn at the helm, you can't get much better and more trustworthy biblical scholarship and resources than with the St. Paul Center. The link above is for their youtube channel with plenty of scripture explanations and reflections and topics. Be sure to check out all the great resources on their website HERE.

Pints with Aquinas Videos and Podcast

This is a fun podcast hosted by Matt Fradd. Lots of topics. Lots of interviews with a variety of people. It is also a podcast if you need something to listen to in the car! A fair warning: they have a charitable approach, but they do not shy away from the most contoversial issues. It might not be the best resource to start with.

Another great resource with every topic under the sun. You can also find the invaluable "Bible in a Year" series here, and be sure to check out Fr. Mike Schmitz's newest series "The Catechism in a Year" where he will dive into the riches of the faith and help make sense of the beauty of the Catholic Church.

Geared toward women who are seeking to make sense of their call in life, make sense of their struggles, and take hold of the faith that has been given to them as daughters of God in the Catholic Church.

This talk show is all men, priests, religious, and lay, and is for all the Catholic men out there. It's a great show with lots of humor and straightforward wisdom.

Hello! We are Grace Krause and Marie Bates, two lovers of Gilbert Keith Chesterton. We host the podcast Pints With Chesterton which you can subscribe to via iTunes, Spotify, or manually subscribe to our RSS feed.

These bite-sized history lessons are an approachable deep-dive of the roots of Catholicism in the United States. From the good to the bad, from tarred and feathered priests to George Washington ending the anti-Catholic "Pope's Night" during the American Revolution; American Catholic History is a wonderful addition to the knowledge of the faith and how Catholics have been viewed since our country's founding. Tom and Noelle also do pilgrimages (including a bourbon trail Catholic Pilgrimage among others!) Check out their website and podcast at the link above.

Jimmy Akin is a convert to the Catholic Church and an astute theologian and writer. He is often on Catholic Radio answering just about any question with an unparalleled depth and sensitivity. A great wellspring of catholic wisdom and knowledge through the lens of faith.

A robust and heartily Catholic view on all things political, economic, societal, biblical, ecclesial, gender, technology, and everything in-between. Straight to the point and certainly counter-cultural in topics such as "Against Modern Insurance" and "Should Men Retire?" They are a wellspring of helpful ways of viewing our post-modern society and how the Catholic should go against that current. They have much to offer in webinars, interviews, podcasts, courses, essays, blogs, magazine, books.

Their own description of themselves on their Youtube:

New Polity’s purpose is to become a stable center for postliberal ideas to be proposed, debated, corrected, and developed in an environment of academic seriousness. Through its work, those committed to a Christian worldview will coalesce into a movement capable of mounting meaningful resistance to the violent cultural and political trends of the liberal state.

But more than resistance, a highly articulate postliberal Christian discourse is precisely the means through which liberal society will become capable of conversion. Liberal society will not be converted by Christian promises of more freedom, more prosperity, more security, more “happiness” – in short, by more liberalism. Liberal society will be converted by the allure of the Gospel that places all these goods within a more fundamental good, which is ultimately the love of God and neighbor. Working toward this “allure” is the mission of New Polity.

Mission Statement:

This website is dedicated to the defense of the orthodox Catholic faith as well as a promotion of serious academic thought in the areas of Catholic theology and philosophy. One of the tragedies of modern Catholic thought is that it lacks the depth given by previous generations of the same issues. It is for this reason that this website was started, i.e. to aid the Church in recapturing the intellectual rigor it once had. The heresy of modernism has begun affecting the members of the Church by making them content with a superficial approach to and an explanation of their religion. One of the ways to combat this problem in the Church is to promote studies that draw the students into the depth and richness which Catholic thought can provide. However, none of that is possible without a deep sense of our indebtedness to tradition as well as a strong developed sense of the value of those traditions.