"Having Gallagher Athletic Therapy provide our children at St. John's-Kilmarnock School with amazing physical therapies as well as concussion testing has been amazing over the last few years. My daughter and son have both benefited greatly from Scott's treatments of their various sport related injuries. Both of my children play sports at a very competitive level and it's reassuring to have a physical therapist who is so in tune with their various sports activities as well as the related injuries that are common to these sports. Scott always takes the time to explain each injury, why they sometimes happen, how to treat them and how to avoid them in the future. Scott treats the whole person, not just the body part! Scott is always quick to smile, professional and knowledgeable and his care and treatment of our children led my husband and I to start seeing him for our various ailments as well!! Sometimes it's just for a tune up and sometimes it's for those everyday aches and pains. Big or small, Scott has the solution!!! Our family recommends Gallagher Athletic Therapy for one and all!!!"

Michaela & James Rohrer

“As a full time National Team athlete it’s important that my body performs at its peak. It’s impossible to train and compete with nagging injuries. I have been fortunate enough to have had Scott work with me and to have Scott’s services available between my trips is invaluable for me to continue pursuing my Olympic goals.”

Matt Carter, Canadian National Alpine Snowboard Team, SJK Alumnus

“I have worked with Scott Gallagher as a fellow health care practitioner and was impressed by his assessments of elite athletes. I have also been pleased with the care that he has given to some of my patients as well as my own daughter. Scott has many years of on the field and in clinic experience and provides exceptional care.”

Dr. Catherine Straus, HBSc ,D.C.

“I would recommend Scott to anyone. I have been treated by Scott for various injuries and he is always very professional and excellent at understanding individual needs. He was very accommodating and knowledgeable on various sports and the injuries prone to those sports. Every problem I arrived with, I left with a greater understanding of the injury itself and an action plan on how to fix it.”

Rachel Fackoury, University of Toronto Field Hockey Team, SJK Alumnus

"Scott has been a fixture at SJK sporting events over the past ten years, providing first-rate athletic therapy services at major events such as the U13 Boys’ CAIS soccer tournament (2005) and the Senior Girls’ Field Hockey National Invitational (2011), and at numerous cross country meets and rugby, soccer, field hockey and basketball games and championships. Scott’s expertise is always clearly evident, as he efficiently assesses and treats any acute injuries, providing a thorough diagnosis and summary of the care provided to the athletic directors and coaches of all injured athletes. What sets Scott apart, however, is his genuine passion for the work that he does, and his personable manner. Scott inspires confidence in the most trying of circumstances. Scott is a real treasure, and we are extremely fortunate to now have him at the school full-time. He will provide not only on-field and on-court care, but will also facilitate return-to-play through rehabilitative therapy, and assist coaches in designing pre and off-season training programs that will play an invaluable role in injury prevention."

Leanne Dietrich, SJK Director of Athletics

"January 2009, I suffered a very acute pain in my right hip which left me unable to walk properly for a few weeks. Our Family physician referred me to Cambridge Physio Associates. At my first visit, the Athletic Therapist, Scott spent a lot of time with me to properly diagnose the problem I had. He also took the time to explain what was happening in my hip; he was very knowledgeable. Each time I attended my appointment, Scott made sure I was comfortable and was extremely gentle throughout the course of therapy. I was given exercises to perform at home between my appointments to speed up my recovery. The attention given to my care by Scott was superior and definitely worth it. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friend's with confidence."


"I had been to other therapists before but they were not the best fit for me. I heard about Scott at SJK after I had an injury and I needed someone quick. When I first met Scott he was nice and he got to know me on a personal level not just as a client. This helped me to enjoy my visits to therapy more. He has helped me out numerous times with my injuries and has even welcomed me into his home for appointments when there was no other option. I have recovered from my injuries and haven't had ongoing problems with them after I went to see Scott. I definitely suggest him if you are looking for therapy and someone who you can trust with your injuries."


"My husband Carlos and I used to belong to the Victoria Park Tennis Club in Cambridge and played doubles every year. A few years ago, Carlos hurt his shoulder serving, which prevented him from playing. He visited four therapists during the following two years or so, which resulted in very little improvement. I heard about Scott Gallagher through SJK and thought it would be a good idea to arrange for an appointment given his focus on sports injuries. My husband started therapy with Mr. Gallagher and saw a good improvement within weeks to the point that he's almost back to normal now and thinking about joining tennis again next season"

Sara M. Alvarado.

Rapid Return to Work and Play