Swaraj Lewis

Swaraj D. Lewis

Asst. Professor

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

SJEC, Mangaluru - 575028

email: swarajl@sjec.ac.in

Teaching Philosophy Statement


Being a teacher, my objective is to strive towards the excellence in teaching the most relevant information related to my subject is an utmost easy and understandable methods. Facilitate the acquisition of life-long learning skills, or prepare students to function effectively in a Mechanical environment. When I teach numerical subjects, I believe that the understanding of the subject purely depends on the problem solving and how one can approach to it in his own methods though the textbook give a particular steps. Also relating the practical application of the subjects enhances the interest among the learners, which make key to understand and solve problem, which are realistic in nature. I endeavor for the learners to be able to identify the character of problems for which they are developing a solution


What I feel is now a day’s theory is easily available in various media source but how to solve problem is scarcity. Hence, my approach is more towards the numerical methods and solve many problems in the each topic, which make the students prepare for large varieties of questions. Even though the media source many not give textbook theory. It is still a part of learning.

Teaching a design software related subject has been my great interest from the past. Even being a teacher, I have been looking to development myself along with the students because the software gets update time to time and we have to be along in it. Giving the students the knowledge about how to use tools for design with different methods and pace has been my strength.


The main success was in getting better results in Numerical and design subject, which was the one of the hard subject in the branch even though when I was new to it. This encouraged me to take challenging subjects. Students feedback had made me improve always in related to subject and concentrating on difficult areas.