"Learn from yesterday

Live for today 

Hope for tommorrow"

Preetha D Souza

Assistant Professor

Teaching Philosophy Statement

As an educator, what I value most is the relationships between teachers and students as it has a significant and long-lasting impact on the students' lives, both academically and socially. 

I believe students learn by example. Everything from my classroom management style to the way in which lessons are planned and taught. These lessons must arouse curiosity and motivate the students in college and beyond. It is crucial, that I create positive relationships and maintain their self –esteem and it is a part of my responsibility to listen and respond to their concerns. My goal as a teacher is to help and encourage my students to become active participants and interact with each other so that they are engaged in great learning experiences.

Often students come from multitude of backgrounds and experiences, and they connect with the world in different ways. It is therefore important for me to provide interdisciplinary connections through teamwork and collaboration to enhance the quality of experiences for both teachers and students.

As assessment and evaluation are essential, I employ in- class assessment throughout sessions to identify the potential gaps between what is being taught and what students have learned. Also, evaluation from the students provide feedback that will allow me to reflect on ways to improve my teaching methodologies and help me as an instructor towards on- going professional development.

I have varied experiences and these experiences in and outside classrooms are what influence my teaching and effect my students positively. I need to perform at one’s best to help my students become and remain motivated to be successful both in their studies and in applying the knowledge to solve problems in lives.