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*Chemicals will NO LONGER be included in the kits.

* Kits are NOT California NGSS aligned, use for support only.


Splish! Splash!

Earth Science

Theme: Matter

Topic- Properties of Water

Water has properties which allow it to interact with gases, solids and other liquids.

· Molecules and Water .

· Absorption

· Floating and sinking

· Venn Diagram

· Water displacement

· Water molecules and soap

· Buoyancy

· Bobbers

· Liquids and solids

· How water moves in tubes

· Water displacement

· Water pressure

Crawlers, Hoppers and Fliers

Life Science

Topic -Insects and other small creatures

Theme- Structures and Interactions

Living things have observable structures that help organisms live and interact with the environment.

· Critter sort-Venn Diagram

· Mathematical reasoning

· Bee bodies

· Pollen

· How critters move

· Critter observation

· Ink bugs

· Animal anatomy

First Grade

Huff n Puff

Earth Science

Topic- Properties of Air

Theme-Patterns that change

The earth is surrounded by a blanket of air that moves, contains moisture and can be warmed or cooled.

Weight of air

· Air holds water

· The force of air

· Air pressure

· Moving air

· Air Bags

· Suction Cups

· Push and Pull of air

· Air has energy

Drops, Bubbles, and Balance

Physical Science

Topic-Solids, liquids and gases

Theme- Matter

Matter has different properties, comes in different states and can change states.

· Molecules and Atoms (milk/soap)

· Water drops stick together

· Surface Tension

· Bubbles-gas and air

· Gases-make in a bag

· Flubber-elastomer

· Matter-solid, liquid, gas

Seeds and Sprouts

Life Science


Theme- Structure

Seeds have observable structures that help create, nourish and protect developing new life.

· Classification

· Venn Diagram

· Explore parts of the seed

· How seeds travel

· 3 main parts of a seed

· Number skills

· Pea pods and statistics

· Floating seeds

· Capillary action


Nitty, Gritty, Dirt and Fossils

Earth Science

Topic-Properties of Dirt and Fossils

Theme-Patterns of Change

The earth is very old and constantly changing.

· Paleontologists

· Fossils

· Earthquakes and Avalanches

· How soil forms

· Different parts of soil

· Sand timer (sundials, hourglasses, etc.)

· Mini-landfill

· Sandpaper

Power Connection

Physical Science


Theme-Systems and Interactions

Magnetism and electricity have basic properties, which allow them to interact with each other.

Magnetism/ Repel and attract/ Venn diagram/ Magnets-solids, liquid, gas/North and south pole/Energy ball-circuit/ Magnetic force/ Induction/ Conductors and Insulators/ Boat float (engineering)

KIT Includes: Teacher Needs to Supply

A-2 Catch and Chase

  • 16 (8 pairs) round magnets

A-3 Hands Off!

  • Clear 9 oz cups (16 oz OK) Water in pitcher
  • Paper clips 4-8 sponges or terry towels
  • Strong Magnets (e.g. ring magnets
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Paper bags

B-1 Floating Doughnuts

  • Pencils
  • Ring magnets

B-2 Power Ring

  • Energy balls

B-3 Balance of Power

  • 2 Blance scales
  • Clear tape
  • Strong magnets
  • 2 film cannister or objects to prop up magnets
  • 1 box large (jumbo) paper clips
  • C-1 Hang On!
  • 16 magnets (2 sets of 8 of a kind)
  • 8 small boxes of paper clips

C-2 Switch On, Switch Off

  • 8 sheets of aluminum foil 16 “D” cell batteries
  • 18 small bulbs
  • 1 roll masking tape
  • 8 sets of test items (fabric, rubber bands, pens, plastic metal…)
  • 8 zip top of lunch bags

C-3 Boat Float

  • 32 4-in Aluminum foil squares Water
  • 8 “wands” (paint sticks) with small magnets 4-8 sponges or paper towels
  • 32 large (jumbo) paper clips
  • 8 clear pans (e.g. deli pans)
  • 16 half sponges (to prop up pans)
  • 4 clear tape rolls in dispenser

Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

Life Science

Topic- Eggs

Theme- Structure

Eggs have observable structures that help create, nourish and protect developing new life.

· Measurement, circumference

· Osmosis

· Inside of an egg

· Spinning eggs-Inertia

· Animals with eggs

· Arches and Domes

· Egg Drop

· Animals that hatch from eggs

· Math: a dozen

Third Grade

Boulder Boulders!

Earth Science

Topic-Rocks and Minerals

Theme- Scale and Structure

Rocks vary in hardness, crystal form, color and other properties. Their chemical makeup is different and they form under different conditions within the earth.

· Sorting of Rocks & Minerals

· Venn Diagram

· Luster, metallic and nonmetallic

· Scratch & Vinegar Test (Hardness of Minerals)

· Properties of Rocks (weight, size & magnetism)

· Uniqueness of Rocks (color, shape & size)

· Making Crystals

Build and Balance

Physical Science


Theme-Scale and Structure

The supporting power of a structure is dependent upon the design of the frame and materials used.

· Make shapes and evaluate the strength

· Marshmallow & toothpick tower (stability of structures)

· Column strength

· Center of gravity

· Mobius strips

· Make Tetra triangles (tetrahedrons)

· 3-D shape building with toothpicks or straws

· Paper neck chain

· Kaleidoscope

Wiggly, Squiggly

Life Science

Topic-Earthworms and Mealworms

Theme-Structures and Interactions

Invertebrates such as worms and even larvae sense their environment and make choices. These choices are usually predictable and are probably inborn.

· Gummi Worm Exploration

· Earthworm Exploration (you provide)

· Model of how an earthworm moves

· How to read a Celsius/Fahrenheit thermometer

· Math (battleship-like) game

· Explore mealworms (you provide)

Fourth Grade

Some Like it Cold

Earth Science


Theme-Systems and Interactions

Global weather is the random, continuous change in our atmosphere brought about by the heating and cooling of air, water and land masses.

· Ping pong wind checker (wind speed)

· Beaufort Scale

· Weather vanes

· Tornado tube

· Balloonometer (air pressure)

· Explore changing temperatures

· Thermometer race (cold, room temp vs. warm water)

· Polymer exploration (storage of water)

· Swirling snakes & the movement of warm air

· Small vs. large bodies of water

Let the Force Be With You

Physical Science

Topic- Simple Machines

Themes- Systems and Interactions

Machines are devices for increasing or decreasing or changing the directions of forces.

· Levers

· Inclined planes

· Screws

· Wheel size

· Reducing Friction

· Exploring ways to lift a load (Newton)

· Rough surfaces

· Work and Windmills

· Gears and Belts

Newfangled Creatures

Life Science

Topic-Animal Adaptations

Theme-Systems and Interactions

Organism have adaptations for coping with their environments and surviving to reproduce.

· Sorting creatures by features

· How animals move

· Design Camouflage

· Design ways animals eat

· Design physical features that attract a mate

· Design defense systems

· Make creatures with cards

Fifth Grade

Galactic Odyssey

Physical Science

Topic- Astronomy and Space

Theme-Systems and Interactions

Astronomical systems are bound by gravitation, made up of the same kinds of matter and obey the same laws of nature.

· Inertia (Newton’s 1st Law)

· Momentum (Newton’s 2nd Law)

· Action and Reaction (Newton’s 3rd Law)

· The Planets

· Planet Distances

· Unfolding Universe Model-size and distance

· Moon Model

· Lunar Eclipse Model

· Constellation Maker

· Pendulums and Gravity

· Circular and Elliptical Orbits

Come Fly With Me

Physical Science

Topic- Aerodynamics

Theme- Systems and Interactions

If the forces acting on an object do not cancel out, they cause a change in the motion of the object.

· Gravity

· Air Resistance

· Air Pressure

· Bernouli’s Principle

· Helicopters

· Flight

· Gliders

· Ailerons and Spoilers

Eye Spy

Life Science

Topic- The Eye and Vision

Theme- Structures and Systems

The outside world enters our minds through the mechanics of the eye. The eye receives two-dimensional images that the mind processes to perceive as three-dimensional objects having depth and color.

· Lenses

· Persistence of vision

· Bernham’s Disk

· Afterimages (retina)

· Rods and Cones

· Stereovision

· Diffraction Grating

· Vision

· Pinhole Glasses

Sixth Grade

A Delicate Balance

Earth Science

Topic-The Environment

Theme-Systems and Interactions

The rise in average temperatures globally over the past decades may be due to human activities that increase quantities of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere; water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane…

· Effect of liquids on stones (acid)

· Mixing CO2 gas with water

· Packaging/container evaluation

· Dry Ice Exploration (you provide)

· Make your own paper with paper pulp

· Sublimation

More than Magic

Physical Science


Theme -Solutions and Reactions

Reactions and interactions indicate properties of matter.

· Kitchen powder testing: acid, solubility and indicator test

· Indicators (cabbage juice, bromothymol blue, phenolphthalein, indicator paper)

· Cleaning pennies with salt and vinegar (hydrochloric acid)

· Dissolving vs. not mixing

· Neutralizing acids and bases

What’s Cookin?

Life Science

Topic- Nutrition and Nutrition Testing

Theme- Reactions and Interactions

Reactions and interactions indicates properties of foods.

· Exploring fats

· Exploring starches

· Exploring Vitamin C

· Building a food pyramid model

· Calculator use: whole numbers and decimals

· Effect of acid on teeth (using eggshells)

Grades 3-6 After School Math Club


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