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Enseñar es apredner dos veces - To teach is to learn twice.

Here you can find information about how to practice your Spanish, get independent practice work for moving through the proficients and figure out what to do if you have missed class. Señor Pachas teaches pre-k to 8th grades Fun Spanish Immersion Program at Saint John Brebeuf Catholic School. Go Jaguars!

Bienvenidos y preguntas basicas .Welcome and basic questions

Las emociones - The emotions

Los colores - the colors

Los verbos - the verbs

3rd Grade Week 5 - 4/27/20 Spanish Activities

Here are some activities in Spanish for students of third grade.

Please any questions let me know.

Third grade Spanish activity week 5

1. Open Doc 1 los lugares especiales

2. Open the Audio and practice the vocabulary repeat 3 times the places in the city

3. Exercise: Drag the words in Spanish on the corresponding place.

4. Exercise: Drag the words in Spanish on the corresponding place.

5. Exercise: puzzle

6. Open and Print Doc.3 Crossword activity sopa de letras

Doc 1 Vocabulary the city.pdf

Doc 1 Lugares especiales

Doc 3 . crossword.pdf

Doc 3 Crossword




In this file you will find a few sheets to help your child learn, review and memorize the vocabulary for fruits in the Spanish language.

Here’s a quick description:

Doc1. Vocabulary sheet

Doc2.and Doc 3 Print, cut and glue.

Doc4. Print and do Crossword Puzzle

Turn in to Spanish teacher:

Doc 1. The Fruits Vocabulary.pdf

Doc 1

Doc 2 Cut and glue 1.pdf

Doc 2

Doc 3 Cut and glue 3.pdf

Doc 3

Doc 4 Crossword.pdf

Doc 4

Preschool Activities Week 6 4/29/20

1. Open the Doc. 1 Vocabulary

2. Listen the videos about: Las estaciones – The seasons and practice the vocabulary

3. Make a line and connect the images: Return the assignment to Mr. Pachas :

4. Childish story in Spanish – Spring la primavera

5. Open and Print if you can Doc 2 For color

Doc. 1 Season Vocabulary.pdf

Doc. 1 Vocabulary

Doc. 2 Season for Color.pdf

Doc. 2 For color