Chassidic Tales for Children - with Rabbi Eli Silberstein

לזכר נשמת

ר׳ שמואל מאיר בן ר׳ משה

בתשבע בת ר׳ משה זלמן ז״ל

One of the staples of chassidic life is the authentic chassidishe ma'ase. A good story is magic; it  can teach and transform in the way no school lesson can. It has the ability to distill profound ideas and morals into a form that even a child can grasp. Our goal at Klimovitch is to use the power of storytelling to transmit the values and the vibrance of yiddishkeit  and chassidishkeit  to children around the world. Tune in, and experience the magic. 


"Every morning my family packs into our car to drive about an hour to our school. The new first request is, "Please put on Rabbi Eli's stories!" We are easily entertained with the amazing stories that Rabbi Eli shares. It is great to start our day with chassidishe stories that we can learn and grow from. Thank you Rabbi Eli for helping us start out our day on the right foot. We really enjoy all the stories that you share and eagerly await new stories being posted!" - 

From F. Weinberg, Staten Island, NY

It's a first to see our kids happily going to bed at night, knowing that they get to listen to Klimovitch stories. They eagerly check each day to see if any new stories were added to the website.  

R. M. Slavatiki, SKOKIE IL

I have 5 children under the age of 8. While we go through phases of diverei Torah with negla and chassidus at our shabbes table, the one consistent best seller is stories of tzadikim. The most beloved of those are the Klimovitch stories I get to listen to and then re-tell to my kids. A huge thank you to Rabbi Eli for keeping this podcast streaming with fresh stories all the time.  


The audio recordings on Klimovitc are priceless, providing an authentic, entertaining, and heart-warming portal into times gone by. Play it for your children, and you'll find yourself listening along.