Rowan County Planning Board

Member 2018

I advised the Board of Commissioners on geographical, transportation, growth, agricultural, and other planning issues that affected Rowan County. I helped develop and recommend policies, ordinances, and administrative procedures for executing plans in a coordinated and efficient manner.

Rowan County Industrial Facilities and Pollution Control Finance Authority

President 2012 - 2018

I aided in the financing of industrial and manufacturing facilities for the purpose of alleviating unemployment or raising below average manufacturing wages by financing industrial and manufacturing facilities which provide job opportunities or pay better wages than those prevalent in the area. I also assisted in financing pollution control facilities for industry in connection with manufacturing and industrial facilities and for public utilities.

Rowan County Board of Equalization and Review

Member 2015 - 2017

I served in a rotation of members responsible for reviewing tax lists and hearing taxpayer appeals. It was the first level of review beyond the county assessor for questions and concerns involving the listing, appraisal, and assessment of property.

Rowan County Peace Officers Association

Treasurer 2011 - 2012

I served on the board of directors and as the organization's treasurer. My responsibilities included (i) making administrative decisions with other board members, (ii) maintaining financial accounts, (iii) scheduling facility reservations and (iv) serving as the liaison between the board and members. This is a great non-profit organization that provides training and recreational opportunities for law enforcement officers.