Researcher, Educator, and Entrepreneur

DragonLady Teaching & Co. Pte. Ltd.

Co-founder: Squaresave

Growing up with three teacher grandparents, I decided early on that I wanted to become a teacher. I started with teaching Dutch and English right after high school, got a BS and Master degree and went on to obtain a PhD to become a university lecturer. I am passionate about empowering everybody with basic financial market know-how and the confidence to start a business or start investing to ensure self-reliance and support for themselves and their family.  

I am international academic, specialized in empirical finance and real estate. Recently,  I shifted my focus on welfare issues, related to women investment, pension reforms and the ongoing energy crisis in Europe. I am also active in teaching. I have been teaching now for 20 years at top universities across the world. Currently, I am an Associate Professor in Finance at the Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB). Previously, I taught at the National University of Singapore (NUS), at the Central European University (CEU), at the California State University, Cal-Poly in Pomona, and at the University of Kentucky. For a short period of time I also taught a global master program in Sydney Australia, thus I have teaching experience in four continents. Besides academic research, as a dedicated educator, I have also published dozens of hands Ivey Business Case Studies that have been used more than 10,000+ times at top universities worldwide. 

As an active entrepreneur, I am always looking for new business ventures. I manage my own data consulting and education company DragonLady Teaching & Co. and I am also the co-founder of  Squaresave a fully digital real estate savings and investment platform.  I recently joined the co-founder team of Fantasium senses, a immersive entertainment center. Lastly,  I am an Angel investor focusing on start-ups with female founders in the Epic Angels (Singapore) group.

I am a global citizen, lived, studied and worked in 4 continents and visited well over 50 countries. I love all technology application not only as working tools to improve efficiency and productivity but also because IT helps to stay in touch with friends and family across the globe now more than ever. 

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