Zoltán Vecsey

I am currently a member of
the MTA-DE-SZTE Research Group for Theoretical Linguistics.
My research interests include the semantics of indexical expressions, the theory of fictional discourse, and the role of data and evidence in linguistics.

Selected Publications


Fiction and Representation. (In progress)

Proper Names and Objects: A Study in Semantics. Debrecen: Kossuth University Press, 2007.
  (in Hungarian)


Some Problems with the Mental File Approach to Fictional Objects. (In progress)

Is There a Uniform Explanation for Strawsonian Contrast Cases? (In progress)

Negative Existentials: A Problem still Unsolved. Pragmatics, 2018,

A Note on the Artefactualist Theory of Fictional Objects. Communication & Cognition, 2017, 50: 71-92.

Fiction and Representation.
SATS, 2015, 16: 202-215.

A Representational Account of Fictional Characters.
Analysis and Metaphysics, 2015, 14: 6879.

Indexicals, Fiction, and Perspective. Semiotica, 2015, 203(1): 109122.

 Linguistic Data and Fictional Characters. Linguistic and Philosophical Investigations, 2014, 13: 140151.

A Plausibility-Based Model of Shifted Indexicals. In: Kertész & Rákosi (eds.) 2014: The Evidential Basis of            Linguistic Argumentation. John Benjamins, 199218.

Epistemic Modals: A Cross-Theoretical Approach. Language and Dialogue, 2013, 3(3): 422436.

Perspectival Indexicality in Fiction. Journal of Philosophical Research, 2013, 38: 367

Talking about Borderline Cases. Communication & Cognition, 2012, 45: 3–12.

 Borderline Cases and Definiteness. Prolegomena, 2012, 11(2): 197206.

On the Epistemic Status of Borderline Cases. Principia, 2012, 16(1): 179

Vagueness, Ignorance, and Epistemic Possibilities. Logos & Episteme, 2011, 2(2): 273284.

On the Pluralistic Conception of Logic. Pragmatics and Cognition, 2010, 18(1): 1–16.

Epistemic Approaches to Vagueness. Dialogue, 2010, 49(2): 295–307.

On the Semantics and Pragmatics of Shifted Indexicals. In: Bibok & Németh T. (eds.) 2010: The Role of Data at  
  the Semantics-Pragmatics Interface.
Mouton de Gruyter: Berlin/New York, 57–94.

Conceptual Knowledge as Emergence. Semiotica, 2008, 170(1): 25–36.

Two Forms of Context Shifting. Sprachtheorie und germanistische Linguistik, 2007, 17: 147–168.

The Semantic Content of Partially Descriptive Names. Acta Linguistica Hungarica, 2005, 303–314.

Book Reviews

Review of Cuts and Clouds: Vagueness, Its Nature, and Its Logic. Philosophy in Review, 2010, 30(5): 328330.

Review of Jonathan Sutton’s book Without Justification. Philosophy in Review, 2008, 28(1): 87–89.


Linguistic and Literary Aspects of Perspectivity. Semiotica, 2015, 203(1).

I am a co-founder and editor (with Erzsébet Szabó) of the Studia Poetica Supplementum Series.

Work in Progress

Representing the Nonexistent.

Let's Talk about Nothing.

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