Zhenbin Hu's personal website

I am Zhenbin Hu. I obtained my Ph.D at Nanjing Agricultural University with major on plant breeding and genetics. Currently, I am a postdoc research associate and works on quantitative traits evolutioanary and selection. My research goal is to understand the relationship of phenotype and genotype, and how the relationshio was shapped using different approaches, including quantitative trait and population genomics, bioinformatics, evolutionary genomics, comparative genomics and high-throughput phenotyping. Currently, I am working on quantitative traits and population genomics using sorghum, soybean, and fungi as models.

My research interests in:

1) Population genetics and genomics: characterize the population genomic diversity pattern in plant, and explore the machanism of adaptation, and domestication.

2) Quantitative genetics: determining the genetic architecture of complex traits in plants using linkage-based QTL mapping and genome-wide association mapping. The traits I interested including yield-related traits, adaptation-related traits, and domestication.

3) Plant genomics: mining the genomics information that contributes to phenotypic variation integrating the high-throughput approaches.

4) The regulation and evolution of gene expression.

My publications

My email: zhenbinhu@gmail.com. You are welcome to contact to discuss the above topics.

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