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2. Indeterminacy in Stochastic Overlapping Generations Models: Real Effects in the Long Run, with Matthew Hoelle. Economic Theoryforthcoming.

3. An Evaluation of Constitutional Constraints on Capital Taxation, with Begona Dominguez, Macroeconomic Dynamics, forthcoming.

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Working Papers

3Imperfect Tradable Health, and Provision of Employment-based Health Insurance, with Dan Bernhardt, preliminary & incomplete version.

Working in Progress

1. Sovereign Defaults: Macroeconomic Activity and Political and Financial Frictions, with Manuel Santos

2. Dynamic Inefficiency of Safety Net and Optimal Provision of Social Insurance, with Jiaying Gu, Chaoran Chen and Kai Zhao

3. Time-consistent Government Debt with Political Frictions, with Jinhui Bai.

4. ACA and Macro-economy: Entrepreneurial Choice and Employment Decision, with Anne Villamil, David Chivers and David Enocksson.